Crewing Services

Our comprehensive range of Crewing Services are designed to support the varied requirements of our marine clients.
We cover the full spectrum of services required to recruit, deploy and manage a multi-national workforce operating across all types of marine vessels.
Our experienced and highly qualified onshore specialists, strategically located across our global office network, provide industry-leading support to our seafarers and clients.

Recruitment services

Seafarers are carefully screened, making sure only those fully qualified and properly STCW certified are employed. Meanwhile, modern tailor-made database and IT management systems ensure that high quality standards are constantly checked and upheld. Indeed, such fully transparent screening and employment procedures ensure both vessel owners and crew applicants can easily evaluate the recruitment process.
Our company‘s crewing services based on the principles of STCW, Flag State, IMO, State legislation and Customer requirements, International and National Law. We protect the Seafarers right of Privacy, their Personal data maintained in the office is kept strictly confidential so much as necessary for employment and respond to officials.
Our superintendents and executives make regular visits on board to monitor and evaluate the crew performance. Our superintendents assure that the client’s expectations and requirements are fulfilled.
These visits also serve to identify potential training needs and to revise safety procedures if needed in the future.

Logistics and Scheduling

Our services include crew scheduling, annual/study leave management, crew change and travel logistics, sickness cover and more. 
We arrange flights to and from vessels and other travel needs of crew and management through our in-house travel company. Flexible and fully refundable marine tickets are available.


The Board of Directors of Iceberg Seafood FZC. (the "Company") has adopted this Code of Ethics (the "Code") for all of the Company’s employees, directors, managers and ship personnel serving on board vessels managed by the Company (hereinafter the “Individuals” / “Covered Persons”). This Code provides basic guidelines regarding the minimum requirements expected by the Individuals and reflects the Company’s core values and commitment to manage its business with integrity, without being constraining, as it does not describe all Company’s policies in detail. It is important that all Individuals take time to review the Code and commit to uphold its requirements.

I. Conflicts of Interest

II. Corporate Opportunities

III. Confidentiality and Personal Data Privacy

IV. Honest and Fair Dealing

V. Freedom from discrimination and harassment

VI. Health and Safety

VII. Drugs and Alcohol

VIII. Environmental Compliance

IX. Anti-corruption, Gifts and Hospitality

X. Anti-Money Laundering and Combatting Terrorist Financing

XI. Protection and Proper Use of Company Assets

XII. Compliance with Laws, Rules and Regulations

XII. Enforcement and Duty to Report

Code of conduct.pdf

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